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Hi, glad to meet you!

​I talk for a living, mostly between seven seconds and several minutes. I'm not a surgeon or a savior, but I do bring copy to life, whether it's a commercial, a training narration, a voice in a log in a shopping mall, or even a "talking house" if you're a relator!

I've been told my voice sounds “Quirky sound, disarming, charming, sounds fun, energy, enthusiastic.” Others have remarked my voice "exudes warmth, sounds clear, soothing, and reassuring. At one voiceover class after a read, I overheard the instructor tell a guest agent, "there's something different about his voice"


I’m a real person and I sound like one. I'm easy to listen to, great to work with, and my rates are competitive, yet reasonable.

I’ll make your company sound Fortune 500. Your phone prompts will make a great first impression. Your training narrations will inspire, not tire. your employees. When they hear my voice, they’ll remember your product!

If you like what you're reading, you'll love what you'll be hearing when you click on the various demos on my website. After you do, and you think I'd be perfect for your next project, contact me via facebook, linkedin, twitter, or carrier pigeon. How can I help you?


Do you hear anything you can use?

This is a sample of my sound, and are not actual commercials

Demo Summer


Commercial samples - Mike Dragonetti
00:00 / 00:00

Character voice demo coming in the future!

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